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Keeping it Simple

So that it's easy for both of us!

I feel like it is important to build a relationship with my clients.  One of the steps in doing so is me saying a little about myself.  Then you can make an informed decision about whether or not I seem like someone you would like to spend time with. 


For instance, maybe you are not interested in someone who has been a personal trainer for almost 20 years. 


You may not be interested in the fact that while I was training, I discovered that there was something deeper at play while I was working with my clients.  My clients had subjects to talk about, things on their minds.  Important things.


You may or may not relate to the information that I have had many hurdles in my life and have slayed those dragons and learned to spear the sharks encroaching upon my lifeboat on a regular basis.  I mean…my boat of life. 


It may not fascinate you that I am certified to legitimately counsel my clients with or without the personal training. One on one, looking at the map, planning the trip, navigating the trails to a destination often unknown.  We go together.  You may not want this. 


You may not like the way I assign homework.


You may not like that I won't tell you what to do, think or feel.


You may not like that I have expectations of our success together. 


You may not like that I charge a fee to my clients so that they respect the process.


You may not like meeting in person or virtually in my campground, where the only thing we hear is birds, wind and chimes.  Yeah…it really sucks. 


But I hope you do.  I hope I am exactly what you have been looking for.  Someone with almost matching bumps and bruises and stories to tell.  Someone who understands and can listen as well as ask some really good questions. 


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thanks for reading about me!

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