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Welcome to the Good Life.  Here is where we find the very best version of you!  Wellness, like the individuals who host it, is just that... INDIVIDUAL.  Everyone has a different idea of what wellness means.  Everyone has a different path to unlocking and harnessing that wellness.  Let's find yours....

Hello, I am Anne Walker, certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer.  To be honest, I have been a Personal Trainer for over 13 years, but something about it never felt complete.  I noticed over hundreds of clients that most had a lot more going on in their lives than what they usually brought to me, their personal trainer.  


That got me curious about how I might be able to help clients better in the future.  So I went back to school and studied Integrative Nutrition.  That isn't just the food on the plate, it includes all of the things that affect lifestyle, health and wellness, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Now here I am today, with a new and improved lifestyle of my own, living the Good Life and ready to share what I've learned with you! 


How It Works

I offer a complimentary Discovery Session to anyone who wants to see if we are a good match.  If it turns out that we align and discover some areas that we want to take a closer look, we will set up a program.  The program usually lasts 12 weeks.  The path is yours to choose.  I am simply here to guide you through any hurdles or obstacles on your journey.  You drive, I'll navigate.  

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In Person Health Coaching

In person once a week for 12 weeks.  What happens within is up to how hard you work.  You set the limits for the gifts you want to recieve.


Virtual Health Coaching

We meet one on one via Zoom once a week for a 12-week program.  What happens within is up to how hard you work.  You set the limits for the gifts you want to receive.


Personal Training & Health Coaching

An elite package that becomes a program design based on your personal training needs.  The coaching is an added service that completes the package. 


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