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Welcome to The Good Life Wellness

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Welcome to the Good Life Wellness, I am Anne Walker, Integrative Health Coach and Functional Personal Trainer with a focus on Corrective Exercise and Emotional Health

Focus Areas

 I Offer To Embolden Healthy Living Through Mind, Body and Spirit Rejuvenation

Private Health Coaching

Are you stuck?  Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut and can not make our way out without guidance.  Sometimes we are lost in the dark and need a lighted torch.  Health Coaching provides the guidance for positive pattern transformation.

Functional Personal Training

Functional Training refers to personal training that is directly related to your living or employment needs. I can help you grow stronger and more functional in your day to day.

Corrective Exercise

Have you had a recent injury?  Joints a little rusty?  Maybe tight hips or a frozen shoulder?  We can get those joints moving again in all of their intended direction and with core strength and power. 

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